BriSCA 2023 world Championship race
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BriSCA 2023 World Final

BriSCA 2023 World Final winner Tom Harris 84

September 10 2023 saw the BriSCA world final return to the oval at Northampton.  Formerly called Brafield then Northampton International Raceway the arena has morphed into Northampton International Shaleway with introduction of a shale based surface a few years ago. 

Weather hotter than the racing

One of the, if not THE hottest days of the year combined with the shale track could have resulted in a disastrous dust bowl.  However, the promotion maintenance team did a superb job to control the conditions.

216 Jack France - Pole sitter is on track
216 Jack France – Pole sitter on the parade lap

The main criticism for an over wet track was for the opening race of the night, the World semi-final consolation.  The rest of the meeting seemed to run OK from a spectator point of view.  The one drawback was the time taken before races preparing the track.  That and another final subject to numerous restarts made for a long race to decide the title.  The current trend to have a full grid of 36 cars it’s now inevitable that there are stoppages in the show-piece race of the year.

Back in the day the world final consisted of the UK qualifiers from the 2 semi-finals and a smattering of overseas entrants.  There was a definite intent to keep the race flowing.  Stoppages were avoided if at all possible. Whether the race merited the word World on its title is debatable.  The USA designates some USA only sports play-offs as world series.  For that reason it’s not something to lose sleep over.  The grid has now grown with the addition of;

  • 2 second chance UK drivers from the semifinal consolation,
  • a contingent of Dutch qualifiers
  • invitees from New Zealand and the US of A. 

The full closed grid with some overseas rivers not fully attuned to the full on contact style of racing means it’s now somewhat unusual if the green flag racing is maintained after the first lap.  Its almost as if the UKk is following NASCAR again.  This time with stage racing.

Album Update

The folder for the BriSCA 2023 World Final is now open.  As well as the heat to contend with, to take on-track photos there were the safety catch fence itself and crowd members climbing the fence to see over the plate track fencing to negotiate.  So not so many race events captured.  Also the presentations took part on the inside of turns 1 & 2 some disdance way from the grandstand.  Still enough to provide memories early atumnal evening.

Work in Progress

Nearly ready are sections for racing from Rockingham, also in Northamptonshire.  Some minor cosmetic changes are happening across the gallery to tidy things up.  The next batch of updates will bring the total number of pictures to a little over 1,700 requiring some lifting and shifting to help loading times.  Should be ready early in October 2023.

BriSCA 2023 World Final
BriSCA 2023 World Final Front Row