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The Brits

The BSCDA British Drivers Championship

Ranking as second only to the World Championship in title decider races, the British Drivers Championship took place on 23 July.  Held at Hednesford, a tarmac track with banked corners, it’s renowned more as a high speed circuit than for providing the bumper contact fans crave.  However, on the Sunday evening of the race, social media lit up.  A last bend hit on the leader by second placed driver for 1st place drove the crowd ecstatic. 

BriSCA F1 driver Catherine Harris
Catherine Harris didn’t finish the 2023 British Championship

Perhaps a lack of experience at the top level meant that Catherine Harris 8 didn’t achieve the desired result but as the leader at the time was Ryan Harrison 97, very much a marmite driver with a love hate relationship with fans and other drivers, caused a sensation.  The fact that Ryan was on for a hat trick of title win just added to the spice.  Video excerpts shortly appeared on the internet, and by all accounts a photo of the action made the national press.  All good publicity and plenty of talking points for fans to get to grips with.  The prospect of retribution will add interest to future meetings, especially when there’s a title at stake.

The beneficiary of the schemozzle and new titleholder is Finn Sargent whose car no 526 will sport the black and white chequered roof.  The top 3 are all blue grade drivers; winner Finn Sargent; second Michael Scriven; and third Joe Nickolls.

Update to albums

The latest additions to the photo sections of the site follow the championship theme. 

From 2006 there are a few images from the October meeting at Ipswich, which was also for the British Championship.  This time the victor was Frankie Wainman Jnr for the seventh of his 9 British title wins.

Also in the Ipswich section is a folder for the World Consolation semi-final and heat 2 from the 2022 world Final meeting.

Then going back to 1986 I’ve added a handful of pictures from the only meeting in Scotland that I’ve managed to attend.  The date was 30 August and the venue Newtongrange, This saw the return of Formula 1 stock cars north of the border for the first time since 1954 at a meeting designated the Scottish Championship.  I don’t remember much of the meeting other than the title went back to Lancashire courtesy of John Lund.  Main memory of the night is Jim Wilkinson driving up from north Yorkshire and traumatising me on some of the corners on the A68.  Jim was mine host at my local before moving to the midlands and he had returned to the helm at Aycliffe until its closure in 1989.

There’s now a folder for the meeting of 1 April 2006 in the track album for Coventry, with 25 images from the night.

Finally, the Autosport album has had a revamp and now includes the BriSCA representatives on display and behind the scenes of the live action arena.