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I am not a prolific user of social media as will be seen on my Twitter feed.  Originally tempted onto Twitter to follow the office and coaching staff from Coventry Blaze.   So what started as keeping abreast of happenings in ice hockey lead to frequent views of the timeline.  Eventually I took the plunge and started posting.   The BriSCA boys took a while to pick up on social media but are now more inclined to interact with the fans.
The Twitter feed of recent posts consists mainly of retweets and photos.  I have a tendency to keep opinions to myself.  Social media seems to attract conflict, which I try to avoid. 
I’m also compiling a Twitter list for users who a connection to or interest in BriSCA F1 or UK oval racing in general.

Social Media
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Chuffed with that.
Please vote for us to get a chance of obtaining vital funds for thousands of dogs in need. Please could all our supporters vote today
Proud to be the 14th 😎 on @BackerKit for The Legacy of the Crystal - An Unofficial Final Fantasy Book. Thanks @ffunion
Used to have another app that worked on the same challenge:

No longer available
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OK succumbed to see what this is about